The Dr. Gesundheit Clown Therapy Show mixes physical comedy, eccentric dance, comic juggling, wisecracks & wordplay, acrobatics, and ingenious audience participation. Volunteers become the Dr.'s partners in classic vaudeville and commedia routines. Young audiences develop self-esteem by exercising their creativity. This is Clown Therapy. Craig Sjogerman has been performing this show since 1979. (Grades K-8 & Families)


Dr. Gesundheit celebrates the cultural diversity of America's greatest city, Chicago, with stories of the past and the present. He transforms himself into Jean Baptiste DuSable's best friend, survivors of the Great Fire, and a vaudevillian at the Columbian Exposition of 1892. He has received special permission to dramatize Mike Royko's story of seeing Jackie Robinson play at Wrigley Field in 1947. Audience members participate in the show, becoming the Sears Tower, Buckingham Fountain, and some amazing blues musicians. (Grades 2-8)


Captain Moredough, purveyor of exotic species and accessories, has a lot to learn about animals. Watch as he gets transformed into amazing creatures like the desert frog and king penguin. Witness his change as he transports into the lives of flying amphibians and grey whales. Masks, music and marvelous storytelling make this tale of biodiversity special. Discover how every animal has a special life and a place in the web of the world. (Grades K-6 & Families)


Questor the Jester has to entertain a clueless Monarch. Although he juggles, clowns, balances, and uses magic, it is only through a fanciful improvised tale of dragons and daring, told with the aid of his audience members, that he succeeds in his Quest. Questor, and the audience, learn the value of teamwork. An exciting format based upon audience suggestions guarantees that each show is a unique experience. (Grades K-5 & Families)


The Sweet and Bitter Fool explores the Trickster character in stories from different cultures - from Raven in Native American stories to Zomo of Western African legends. Combining storytelling with his dazzling physical skills, Craig brings these stories to life for audiences K-6.



Joey Ventura is a comic-juggling, wisecracking, lounge lizard wannabe - with attitude. Every show is a unique presentation, since Joeys alter-ego, Craig Sjogerman, does extensive research and prepares customized material for each event. Joey can become your school's most infamous graduate, your company's black sheep alumni, or your boss' best friend from college. Special rates offered for school districts, police & fire departments, and other not-for-profit groups. (Older Kids & Adults)

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