What do people say about 
Dr. Gesundheit?




"Our students were absolutely captivated the entire time"

-Ruth R. Seidner,
  Boone  School,   Chicago 


"Mr. Sjogerman has a magical gift. His audience participation was incredible. His assembly on character education not only impacted the children but also impacted the staff and myself."

- Kelly M. Doogan, Principal Player 
   School, Justice


"It was wonderful working with Craig because he is warm, funny and sensitive to the rhythm necessary to keep the attention of these children. They were enthusiastic and looked forward to writing their stories, which helped the children develop English as a second language in a meaningful and authetic way. Any School that has the privilege of working with Craig would be giving their students a special gift."

-Sheila Epstein,
 Whittier School, Chicago


 "Our students, faculty and guests were awe-struck when you changed voices, costumes, and demonstrated various individuals from the history of Chicago. Thank you for being the quality educator, actor, playwright, and vaudevillian that you are."

 -Barbara Perez, 
  St. Athanasius School, 
  Evanston, IL



"Craig has a stage presence that catches you up, holds you in, and releases you with laughter. You are filled with the experience. I highly recommend his professionalism and talent."

-Sarah Howard, Children &  
 Youth Coordinator
 Boone Regional Library 
 Columbia, MO 


"Your all-ages performance was a hit with our patrons, who came out of the show raving about it. Your variety of skills, including juggling, clowning, and acrobatics was impresive as was your use of audience participation." 

-Maria Glaser
  Glenview Public Library


"I appreciated the fact that you were able to work with such a large audience, keeping the attention of even the youngest children."
-Darcy Mohr 
  Racine Public Library

"I found 'Our Kind of Town' the best and most unique of my thirty-five years in the Chicago Public Library system."

-Betty Kaufman,Bezazian Branch 
Chicago Public Library 

"Craig's shows entertain all ages by mixing expert juggling, wisecracks & wordplay, and energetic clown routines. This clown character is not the heavily made-up sort that frightens small children. Yet his routines preserve the strengths of traditional clowning. He falls, he flips, and his timing is so good he can get a laugh by slowly raising an eyebrow."

-Rick Kinnebrew 
 Niles Public Library




"You know just what tickles kids' funny bones, and kept them (and our staff!) laughing throughout your
- Patricia Hayes, 
   Rockford Park District

"The rapport you have with children of all ages is wonderful. I have heard so many very, very positive remarks made by parents. You are truly admired and loved by those you work with in your field whether it be with adults or children."

-Annette Leiber Addison
  Cultural Arts
"The children and adults were thoroughly fascinated by your antics during the Clown Therapy Show. As a purveyor of exotic animals in Wild World, you were very convincing. The families enjoyed the stories - young and old were totally intrigued as you wofe your tales."
-Barb Jurgens and Sherri Lewis 
  Child Care Resource & Referral 
  Network Bloomington, IL 

"The students were aked to rate the program on a scale of 1-10. Your score was a 9.5. The staff thought your program was excellent and you wwere able to get the point across without "preaching." The students you chose to help were not the most popular and are generally scorned by their peers. You bought out their best qualities." 

-Peggy Schreiner, Special Education District 
  Lake County, Gages Lake, IL


"This is one piece of children's theater that doesn't leave you wishing you'd
dropped the kids off and come back when it was over."
-LA Times



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